Sample Memo For Absences And Tardiness Training Attendance Sheet Pdf

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Enumerate specific dates of tardiness. Sample written warning letter for tardiness.

Down for free in pdf word or copy and paste forms.

Sample memo for absences and tardiness.

Tardiness employee name on dates you were tardy in your arrival to work. Name office assistant ii from. In particular your attendance records from date to date show that you reported late for work on the following dates. Human resources manager or other authorized officer. Word 2003 docx adobe reader pdf template details. Name office assistant ii.

But we want to make sure you generally follow your schedule and you don t cause disruption in our workplace. On this said date. We probably won t mind if you re a bit late one morning or leave a little earlier on a friday. View details all versions. When tardiness is a persistent problem for an employee then the company must send that employee a letter of warning. Tardiness refers to coming in late taking longer breaks than you re entitled to and constantly leaving earlier from work without reason.

Date of issuance of notice the matter of your frequent tardiness has been brought to our attention. Sample reprimand letter for tardiness name of employer name of company or business address of business city state zip code date name of employee position of employee in the business address of employee city state zip code re. Consider this memo as a warning that your attendance and or tardiness needs to be improved upon. On those dates i counseled you regarding the need to be at your desk ready to begin work at 8 00. Sample letter reprimanding an employee for tardiness. You were provided a copy of our company employee handbook at your orientation on june 1 2009.

A company must institute a written attendance policy in order to ensure that all disciplinary actions are supported. 122 notice to explain first notice habitual tardiness. Employee signature date discussed. Name of employee. This is an official written reprimand for your failure to perform the required functions of your position by attending work on time and as scheduled. This is a first written warning being issued to you for violating our company policy on tardiness as outlined in our company employee handbook.

On those dates i counseled you regarding the need to be at your desk ready to begin work at 8 00. You have arrived more than 15 minutes late for work on four occasions in the past two weeks. I have read and understand this warning. Sample counseling memo for tardiness date. Employee attendance is a major issue for all employers. This letter is to serve as an official written reprimand for an incident that happened on date.

Written reprimand for attendance. Excessive absences or tardiness may result in disciplinary action up to and including suspension and termination. Formal reprimand letter dear name of employee. Memorandum template absenteeism and tardiness. Sample counseling memo for tardiness. Memorandum template sample absenteeism and tardiness free download.

Employee name on dates you were tardy in your arrival to work.

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