Attendance Sheet Format In Excel With Overtime Calculation Event Register Template

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A couple of points to keep in mind while using this excel timesheet template. This excel time sheet has formulas that will automatically calculate the total number of regular hours and overtime ot hours.

General formula regular time rate overtime rate 1 5 formula.

Attendance sheet format in excel with overtime calculation.

E4 g4 f4 g4 1 5 total hours worked. Of hours calculated like if work starts at 9 00 am. It means for e g. The steps below will guide all levels of excel users through the process. The formula is as follows. Insert the date in mm dd yy format.

F5 h5 g5 h5 1 5. Note that break hours are deducted automatically from regular hours. Employee out time is entered here. Employee in time is entered here. It is given double from the double rate esi is deducted on this and u can give max overtime to an employee of 51 hrs in a quarter above the cap is against the law. Insert the first date of the month for which you are preparing the employee attendance.

Please help me how to calclaute the overtime hours in excel sheet. Total gross 26 8 ot hrs 2 2 means that we have to give double overtime from the normal rate or u can go with simple calulation by giving overtime at the rate of rs20 per hour. In formula in cell i5 is. Regards shraddha 23rd november 2009 from india mumbai. The template automatically calculates the number of hours worked more than the limit. Free xls excel and pdf employee attendance list template.

The formula applied here is if or d11 f11 if d11 12 00 00 00 24 00 d11 f11 08 00 we have set the limit to 8 hours. Setting up the data. Reply any it will be needful. The template automatically displays the date in dd mmm format. Enter the in and out time for a date and break hours if any. If you want to change the format according to your needs right click the cell and choose format cell and go to the numbers tab and click on custom format.

Gross salary p m 26 8 ot hrs 2. How to use basic overtime calculation formula. Total pay for overtime. Hw it will be calculated. Formula for calulating overime is. Any specific formulas in excel sheet pls help me out.

If x worked for extra 13 hrs as ovetime. And if he work till 12 00 am. For a attendance format m attaching a format for ur reference. To calculate overtime and pay associated with overtime you can use the formulas explained on this page. Create a well formatted and easy to customize employee attendance sheet to keep track of attendance with clock ins outs for your staff.

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